Practical Business Impact & Risk Analysis

An essential step toward development of a great business continuity program, business plan, or even arriving at a major business decision is anticipating risks and impacts.

In no uncertain terms, the business impact and risk analysis are what will and should inform, support, and drive everything you do for continuity, recovery, and response. Yet, businesses often fail to properly execute the analysis, do it often enough (at least once a year or whenever there is a significant change), or do it all.

Streamlining the process so that it is time and cost efficient takes some of the burden out of the process, but also assures that you’ll catch the big stuff and not waste time on the little stuff.

ContinuityWorks can help facilitate a business impact and risk analysis as part of a larger engagement or stand-alone project to increase the likelihood that your action plans and strategies address what’s more important and critical for your business.

Woo-hoo! This is NOT a step that you want to miss!


"Working with Arlene Silva on multiple projects, we were able to quickly cut through the organizational structure and identify the most knowledgeable individuals for the project at hand. Arlene’s industry knowledge and insightful approach were well received…"
Susan Stein
Susan Stein Consulting
"Arlene of ContinuityWorks is among the most skillful and knowledgeable Business Continuity leaders I have come across in my career. She is a thought leader in the field. Any large organization that needs a BCP professional would do very well by benefiting…"
Jamie MacFarland, Regional Sales Manager
Palo Alto Networks
"I could not have hoped for any better services than those offered by Continuity Works. Arlene guided me through all the complexities of getting a children’s picture book published. She was with me 100% in her enthusiasm for the work and her positive approach…"
Liz LeServiget
Writer / Artist / Sculptor
"I worked with Arlene for six years. As part of my work I was very interested in our Business Continuity Program since the ability to process data was crucial to our company’s operations. The improvement in scope, the vision, and the details in the company’s…"
Caroline Mitchell
Senior IT Auditor / Colleague
"Arlene at ContinuityWorks began contributing value to my tech startup from the minute we exchanged our first ‘Hello’. She is a driven analyzer and quickly began gathering information about what my idea is, how it functions, and what I wanted to achieve. She…"
Geoffrey Dargan
Engineer, Developer, Entrepreneur
"I found Arlene to be one of the most complete business professionals I have had the pleasure of knowing. Her skill level with organizational behavior & management, program management, training and communications are outstanding. Arlene’s mastery of business…"
Ben Sanders
Senior IT Auditor and Consultant, CPA